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Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat - If Immortality Unveil

A great way to get a good workout without having to worry about the equipment required. Our eco-friendly yoga mats are designed with high quality materials and are extremely durable. They are also lightweight and non-slip. The padded base is great for cushioning and reducing pressure from the floor. These mats are handmade, so they are not mass-produced and are also eco-friendly with a minimal impact on the environment.

Designer Yoga Mat

Designer Yoga Mat

  • Natural rubber non-slip base
  • Eco-friendly hessian lattice
  • 24.80" x 70.86"
  • Weighs approx 7.8 oz
  • Handmade to order

Care instructions

Wipe down with a warm damp cloth after use.

  • Wipe Down